Accoutrements Bacon Flavored Toothpicks 11723

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1.Size1 Pack


  • 80 toothpicks per tin.
  • Bacon Flavored !
  • Comes in its own tin with a slide-off lid.

Size:1 Pack

These slender sticks of wood are generously flavored with the unparalleled, drool-inducing flavor of bacon. Each 3" x 1-1/4" x 1/2" (7.6 cm x 3.2 cm x 1.3 cm) tin contains eighty toothpicks.

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Mellisa Johnson
February 24, 2014
Ok so they don't taste like Bacon; it's kind of strange to describe but they fill your mouth with flavor without actually tasting like anything........ it tastes like my dogs Beggin' Strips smell like..... They're a great little item to add to a gift as a filler item as I used them for.
Vivian Brandt
March 13, 2018
I'm using these to help me quit smoking cigarettes! Everything out there for quitting is fruit, lemon, mint and cinnamon sugary sweet flavored. I'm so tired of that sweet taste. Very pleased with this flavor for my purpose.
December 27, 2015
These toothpicks really have a lot of bacon flavor. I haven't determined how long the flavor lasts, but needless to say it's more than 1 day. They are regular toothpicks soaked in some kind of bacon flavoring. I bought these as a stocking stuffer, Santa gift for my sweetie and he loves them. He's hoarding them to make them last.
January 25, 2018
I gifted these to a co-worker that loves bacon along with a gift certificate to a brewery as he also loves beer. This was a great combination and made a great gift for someone that has everything and needs nothing.
Amazon Customer
December 12, 2017
These smell just like bacon
taylor r s stamper
October 11, 2017
Tastes like bacon!!!
Kari D
January 25, 2018
I got these for my husband, who loves bacon. It is a great little gift and he got a kick out of it.
Maggie Dennis
February 5, 2016
Great for my bacon themed stocking! My fiancu00e9 loves the tin plans on saving his bacon toothpicks and filling with plain toothpicks. Great design slides and closes easily. Toothpick taste like bacon. Reasonable price for the novelty.