Guerrilla Silicone Case for Texas Instruments TI Nspire CX/CX CAS Graphing Calculator, Pink BHRS Group TINSPIREPINKSC

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  • Protect Your Graphing Calculator
  • Made from high quality non-tear able silicone
  • Easy access to all buttons
  • Please note: Product is a case only. Calculator NOT included.

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J. Fried
February 14, 2014
1) You cannot use the cover provided with the TI Nspire when you put this silicon case onto the calculator. The cover simply won't slip into place. This is the major reason that i feel makes the Silicone Case useless because the cover is a better protector.

2) The Silicone Case is thick enough that pressing the buttons on the calculator is more difficult because the Silicone Case stops the button from traveling fully.

I simply cannot recommend the Silicone Case because of these problems.
August 18, 2018
TLDR: don't buy it.
I bought this for my son's Ti Nspire CX calculator with the hope that it might help to prevent scratches and getting it dirty. The first thing I noticed when put it on was that it was pretty flimsy material, I doubted it would be able to last a couple months, let alone the year. But no matter, as long as it fit well, right?
Nope. The second thing I noticed was that it didn't fit precisely with all the buttons. Now, the material is pretty stretchy, so I figured it just needed to be pulled a little here & there to get it fit right. Unfortunately, this didn't help the fit any. Some of the buttons were partially covered, and I could see that because it was both flimsy and stretchy that it would slide around the keypad depending on how it the calculator was handled.
Finally, in my efforts to get it to fit correctly, I tore a part of the keypad grid, which proved all my suspicions as to the quality and durability of this product.
B. Healy
August 22, 2016
Flimsy with a mostly open back. The lack of material in the back make the cover able to slide off easily. Understood that the rear opening is to allow access to the rear cover, but that is not going to be opened, maybe ever.... So removing the cover would be perfectly acceptable to gain access, and would result in a better product. But.... that would use more material, and Guerrilla seems committed to maximizing the bottom line at the expense of their products.
May 19, 2013
If you have a Ti Nspire CX, then you're probably already familiar with what a pain in the butt that getting the plastic cover off can be. With the Guerilla Silicone Case, you can ditch the other cover and still protect your calculator. In addition to getting this case, I cut a smartphone screen protector to fit the Ti Nspire's screen, placed it on the screen, and then put this case on.

One of the other reviews caused me to question whether this case would fit the Ti Nspire CX. I emailed the seller asking them to confirm that this case fits the calculator and they responded in less than 30 minutes.

I am very happy with the product AND the seller. Get this case and you too can be a safe deriver!
August 8, 2018
I wanted to really like this silicone cover but it makes it hard to use the calculator it meant to protect. It does protect the calculator in spite of the back being open. I think that is meant to make it easy to put it on or off. Anyway, my real problem with this case is that it does NOT make the calculator buttons pop out. It is flushed with the silicone cover so if you have big fingers its hard to press the buttons! I have small fingers and its also hard to press the buttons. That makes it annoying after awhile. I am returning this item because of this. I am trying to find one that will actually fit like a glove.
Kari K.
July 11, 2015
Now that math seemingly requires miniature computes to do (what I consider easy) math, it was a requirement that I have a graphing calculator for the engineering program at my university. Butu2026 I got the wrong case for my calculator. Mine has no color screen. I don't fault the vendor for my snafu; I should have paid attention. But, it also showed me that I don't need or want a silicone case. I prefer using the sliding cover that comes with nearly all TI calculators. With the OE cover, the whole front of the unit is protected, and the back has rubber
February 13, 2016
It looks great, but you can't use the hard plastic case that came with the calculator and this case at the same time. I thought it was more important to protect the screen with the hard plastic sliding case while it was in my bag. This is a very nice case, though. I also love the color. Also the On/Off button has an extra notch on it that this silicone sleeve doesn't account for, so it is a little distorted in that corner.
Johnny Boomerang
February 3, 2016
Very flimsy and does not fit well. This thing appears to offer very little protection if any, and acts more as a