NightHawk 6 Marksmen Small Game Screw in Hammer Heads by Blunt Point Small Game Broadheads, 125 Grain Stump Shooting Arrow Head Blunt Tip Fowl Broad head Wildplatt

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  • Marksmen 125 Grain Hammer Head Broadheads.
  • Small Game Archery Broad head/ Brush Broadhead
  • Great For Small Game like Rabbit Turkey Fowl Squirrels Quail pheasants
  • 5/16" ferrule and fits all carbon and aluminum arrows with industry standard 8-32 thread
  • Super Hard Steel Built to Last. Flat head blunt tip for more direct impact! Screw in tips for easy install!

Marksmen Hammer Head broadheads by Nighthawk. Your new favorite archery stump/small game shooting point.
Devastate small game with these recessed ballistic points! They keep your arrow from becoming sunk in grass or brush.
Made from hardened steel to take hard shots and keep on going.
Features 5/16" ferrule and fits all carbon and aluminum arrows as they have an industry standard 8-32 thread. This is the same thread used by almost all arrow inserts

Customer reviews(3)

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November 3, 2017
Love these, used them for thumping a stump and damn do they pack a solid punch. I plan on buying several more orders, though I would imagine these things will last for a long time.
September 7, 2018
I was a little skeptical of these due to price. I was wrong. Each head screwed in with no problems. Sometimes with cheap heads you have fitment issues. Not the case here. I weighed each one and all are within weight tolerances. Havenu2019t used them in small game yet, just judging from initial quality Iu2019m impressed.
Steve S.
March 19, 2018
I like very good products.